Attendance and Absence

Government Leaflet - If your child is eligible to attend school, they shoud return this term


We believe that good attendance is not simply a legal requirement but essential. Through regular attendance children can take full advantage of all that school offers and gain the educational and social skills necessary for life.

Good attendance at school is important for children’s education and establishes a positive working ethos early in life. It is essential that the school is informed of the reasons for absence. Under current government legislation, unauthorised absence is regarded as truancy; all absence figures have to be reported to the council and the Department for Education and are recorded on a child’s annual report.

It is also important that your child arrives on time for school, as the start of the day establishes the learning activities for the day. Lateness is recorded in the register. We are legally bound to register a pupil’s attendance at the beginning of each morning and afternoon session.

Registers are closed at 9.05am and any child arriving after this time is marked with an unauthorised absence for the morning session.


What you are responsible for

  • Making sure your child comes to school on time every day to enable them to receive their entitlement to learn, unless prevented by illness or medical appointment
  • Letting the school know as soon as possible why a child is away
  • Sending in a note for absence on return
  • Talking to the school as soon as possible about any child’s reluctance to come to school so that problems can be quickly identified and dealt with

What Do I Do If My Child Is Absent?

Although we encourage children to attend school every day, we realise that sometimes children are unwell and therefore unable to come to school.

When Your Child Is Absent From School You Must:

If your child is absent from school due to illness or a same day medical appointment, you must complete the google form below by 8.30am on each day of absence. 

We may contact you for more information or to ask for medical evidence.

Cheam Common Junior's Absence Form

Holiday During Term Time

If you feel you have exceptional circumstances for a leave of absence during term time, please email the School Office to request an Exceptional Absence Form.  Once you have completed this, each circumstance is considered and you will be notified of the outcome via email. 

Read the full Attendance Policy.

Attendance Policy