Religious Education

At CCJ, we offer a broad and rich RE curriculum to allow children to develop a holistic understanding of the religions that make up the UK landscape. We provide a  high quality, coherent and progressive experience of the subject where children have the opportunity to explore a range of religions and worldviews, as well as have the chance to reflect on their own views and beliefs. 

The children are encouraged to think deeply and speak confidently about their wellbeing, moral and cultural development for the society in which they live. The RE curriculum aims to promote inquisitive minds, respect, tolerance and understanding for all those around them including themselves. 

SMSC, personal growth, wellbeing and community cohesion are featured throughout each unit and are there to ensure opportunities for children to develop positive attitudes and values and to reflect on and relate their learning in RE to their own experiences. The intent is to make sure that children understand the relevance of RE in today's modern world. 

RE Progression Map Sutton Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education (SACRE)