Our Curriculum

At Cheam Common Junior Academy we aim to foster a lifelong love of learning, through a curriculum which is ambitious, broad, balanced and diverse. 

Our School Curriculum is well structured and sequenced with digital skills and computing very much at the centre of all we do. It is designed to cover all aspects of the National Curriculum and is enhanced by our LEO Pupil Outcomes and our vision of Learning, Excellence, and Opportunity.  

Subjects are taught in their own right and we ensure there is a range of opportunities and enrichment activities across the curriculum. The academic achievement, wellbeing and character development of our pupils is at the heart of our curriculum offer and we regularly review our provision to ensure that it is relevant, engaging and challenging for all.

We pride ourselves in developing the whole child and preparing them for the next stage of their learning as well as being prepared for life in the twenty-first century. We want every pupil to achieve well, learn together, celebrate diversity and be globally aware.

Year 3 Curriculum MapYear 4 Curriculum Map

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Curriculum Overview

Cheam Common Infants’ and Cheam Common Junior Academy work collaboratively together to ensure that there is a seamless transition between the key stages and there is clear progression of concepts, skills and knowledge within the curriculum.

Teaching and Learning

Lessons enable pupils to embed learning. They include the following fundamental approaches:

Feedback with clear next steps which have been acted upon by the children and any errors or misconceptions are addressed.

Retrieval practice (or generating answers to questions on previous learning).

Metacognition and self-regulation, to include explicit instruction (e.g. I do, we do, you do).

Adaptive teaching.

Group activities and paired work (oracy).

Technology carefully used to enhance learning and opportunities across the curriculum.

Modelling/explaining and questioning.

 Retrieval practice.

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Amazing People

At Cheam Common Junior Academy, we aim to inspire the next generation of game changers, leaders,
explorers and creative thinkers with our ‘Amazing People’ which are a diverse range of role models who have shaped the world we live in today!

We have identified, designed and promoted a diverse range of role models past and present who have made significant contributions to their areas of expertise to build confidence, character and resilience, promote wellbeing and inspire learning across our whole curriculum! These can be viewed here.

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Further information about the National Curriculum can be found here.