Learning Council

The Learning Council started at Cheam Common Junior Academy during the spring term of 2016.

The first project that the Learning Council worked on was the restructure of our Behaviour Policy. Every member of the council reported back ideas and amendments were made to the policy. The main focus for the council when looking at the Behaviour Policy was on rewarding excellent behaviour and learners; as a result the council has introduced merit certificates, the ‘always children afternoon tea’ and ‘going for gold’ scheme.

The Learning Council have also looked at the way homework is given out – this was an area the council were very passionate about. Through discussions with their classmates, the Homework Policy was rewritten so that homework all goes out on the same night across the school and due in on the same day. Representatives of the Learning Council introduced this to the school in an assembly.

This academic year, two representatives from each class across the school have been voted on to the council.  These representatives meet regularly to discuss how teaching and learning can be improved at Cheam Common through collecting ideas and opinions from their classmates and reporting back ideas and suggestions from the meetings.

We decided to review our school environment this year and look at the displays and how effective they are. We  decided that the best displays showed examples of pupils' work, gave pupils information that can help them, celebrated pupil achievements and were creative and artistic! One aspect we would like to see on future displays are quotations from pupils about what they have learnt.

We nominated our favourite displays, some of which are below, and recorded feedback about why they were our favourites and any improvements we would like to make. If you visit the school and scan the QR codes on the displays, you can hear our feedback.

To improve our learning environment further, we have asked our classes about our book corners and what books can be added to improve our book corners and ensure that more pupils are reading, and therefore, learning!

This term we will be using the information we have collected to research and buy books for the book corners.

Watch this space for an update!