School Council

The School Council looks at all areas of school life at Cheam Common Junior Academy to see how it could be made even better.

The school councillors meet regularly with Mrs Culver. They talk about issues that have been raised in Class Council meetings and vote for suggestions to make the school a better place. There are 24 councillors. Notes are made in every meeting and are fed back to the class, put in the newsletter and displayed on the School Council noticeboard. There is also an area on the board where any child can write their ideas on to be discussed at the next School Council meeting.

The School Council work extremely hard – the projects that they have introduced include the school summer disco and designing the new landscaping of the playground.

How are school councillors elected?

If someone is interested in being a councillor, they put their name forward. They then have to give a speech on why they will be a good school councillor. The children in the class then vote for the pupils they think are the best. Each class has two representatives per year.