Maths No Problem!

Maths at Cheam Common Junior Academy is taught through the ‘Maths No Problem! - Singapore Maths’ teaching approach. Maths No Problem! teaching approaches build students’ mathematical fluency without the need for rote learning. Children learn to think mathematically as opposed to reciting formulas they don’t understand.

Maths No Problem! teaches learners mental strategies to solve problems through the use of equipment to aid learning and develops mathematical understanding at a greater depth through regular problem solving challenges in each lesson.

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The 144 Club

The 144 Club is a club but not as we know it! To be part of the club all the prospective member has to do it is prove they know their times tables.

Children will be given the chance, once a week in their classes, to complete a times tables test. They have to answer 144 questions in less than five minutes. If they are successful they enter the 144 Club. They will receive a certificate and a badge.

Once in the club, children have to take the test again, every term, to secure their place. The aim is that they beat their own personal best each time.

Want to find out more? Speak to your child's class teacher. 

Information from our Maths presentation for parents can be viewed below:



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