Supporting the Curriculum

At Cheam Common Junior Academy we support the curriculum in many different ways that ensure every child has access to the broadest, highest quality education possible; we aim to give our children an education that parents would be happy to pay for.

Cheam Common Junior Academy Guarantee

Staff and governors have agreed the Cheam Common Junior Academy Guarantee. This is a list of 25 activities, learning experiences and extracurricular opportunities that we guarantee to offer every child during their time at our school.

The guarantee complements all areas of our curriculum. Activities and challenges set out in the guarantee include:

  • performing in a class assembly or school production
  • leading a presentation to the class
  • taking part in a cooking event
  • going on a residential visit
  • going on a trip to see a live theatre or music event
  • visiting an art gallery
  • representing the school in an event
  • visiting a museum in London
  • contributing to a charity event
  • making links with other children locally, nationally and internationally
  • contributing to Pupil Voice in the school
  • participating in a video conference
  • visiting a foreign country or taking part in an international event at school
  • playing a musical instrument in a concert
  • learning to swim and trying to achieve 25 metres
  • meeting an author
  • working with a sports professional, artist or other professional

Children record their achievements in a Cheam Common Junior Academy Guarantee Passport that is issued to every child.

Enriching the curriculum through reading

Another activity we run to enrich our curriculum is a reading incentive called 'Battle of the Books'. All children enter the Battle of the Books with each year group having a list of 50 books to read throughout the year. The battle is to see who can be the first to read all 50 books! The first person in each year group to read all 50 books wins a prize.

These books are to be read alongside our usual school reading books. Some of the books are found in school and others you can borrow from local libraries or from each other.

Children collect stamps on their Battle of the Books bookmarks each time they finish a book. There are no time limits, the children read as many as they want and take as long as they want.

Our Battle of the Books book review can be downloaded here.

Book Review Template

Good luck to all children who take part in the battle this year!


Book lists

Year 3 Book List

Year 4 Book List

Year 5 Book ListYear 6 Book List