Statement for equality

Cheam Common Junior Academy is committed to gender, racial and disability equality in every part of school life. This principle provides the basis for all of our school policies.


How we ensure the facilities, resources and opportunities are accessible for all. Read the Accessibility Policy (PDF 68kb)


How we process and manage pupil admissions. Read the Admissions Policy (2019 - 2020)  or Read the Admissions Policy (2018 - 2019) 


How we manage incidents, challenge bullying behaviour, prevent bullying and provides advice for pupils and parents. Read the Anti-bullying Policy (PDF 653kb)


The legal responsibilities of parents, how we monitor and reward attendance, our expectations on punctuality and absence that may be authorised. Read the Attendance Policy (PDF 666kb)


Our expectations on behaviour, how we encourage positive behaviour and sanction poor behaviour, support for individual needs and what training our staff receive. Read the Behaviour Policy (PDF 731kb)


Setting out how we charge for school services and provisions including out of hours clubs, school trips, school meals, uniform and loss of school property. Read the Charging Policy (PDF 632kb)

Child protection and safeguarding

Our policy guides the procedures and practices of staff when safeguarding children and promoting their welfare. Read the Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy (PDF 621kb) and appendix.

Our policy guide for Supporting Children with Medical Needs Policy

Department for Education (DfE) guidance

The DfE publishes statutory guidance for schools to which we adhere to when carrying out duties to safeguard and promote the welfare of children: 


Applying to all concerns and complaints other than those relating to child protection
issues or to cases where parents wish to appeal against a decision that a child be required to leave the school. Read the LEO Academy Trust Complaints Policy.

English as an additional language (EAL)

How we ensure we are inclusive of and provide appropriate support and resources for pupils with English as an additional language. Read the EAL Policy (PDF 644kb)

Equal opportunities

How we make sure pupils have the opportunity to achieve their potential irrespective of their gender, ethnicity, needs, beliefs and other areas of diversity. Read the Single Equalities Policy (PDF 160kb)

Gifted and talented

How we provide opportunities to identify and in turn nurture the talents and abilities of all those who are gifted and talented. Read the Gifted and Talented Policy (PDF 672kb)


Setting out what homework will be given to children and what is required of parents and carers in supporting their child with his or her homework. Read the Homework Policy (PDF 648kb)

Looked after children

Our requirements as set out in the statutory guidance for promoting educational achievement of looked after children (children in care). Read the Looked After Children Policy (PDF 647kb)

Mobile phones

How we make sure mobile phones are used responsibly at school and on school trips, and potential issues can be clearly identified and addressed. Read the Mobile Phone Policy (PDF 628kb)

Online safety

How we manage internet access at school, teach children about staying safe online, train our staff and our procedures for publishing material online. Read the Online Safety Policy (PDF 168kb)



How we ensure consistency in presentation throughout the school and in regards to the layout of work in specific subjects. Read the Presentation Policy (PDF 628kb)

Pupil Premium

How the targeted and strategic use of the Pupil Premium supported us in achieving our vision. Read the Pupil Premium Policy (PDF 632kb)

Rights respecting

The responsibilities of the school and staff, and the entitlements of pupils and parents in line with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Read the Rights Respecting Policy (PDF 630kb)

Sex and relationships education

The principles and purpose of in-school sex and relationships education, our procedures and guidelines, and how we review sex and relationships education.We are mindful that there is new RSE guidance (2018) and we will update the policy in line with this guidance, when it is available. This will be in place by September 2019. Read the Sex and Relationships Education Policy (PDF 639kb)

Special educational needs

How we meet the special educational needs and disabilities of pupils, reflecting the statutory requirements as well as day-today practice. Read more about special educational needs and the Special Educational Needs Policy

Supporting pupils with medical conditions

How we make sure that pupils with medical conditions receive appropriate care and support at school, developed in line with Department for Education’s guidance. Read the Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy (PDF 726kb)


Detailing the school uniform and acceptable accompanying school wear, PE kit and our rules for jewellery and hair. Read the Uniform Policy


Sets out our commitment to the highest possible standards of honesty, openness, integrity and accountability, and how we deal with incidents of whistleblowing when other internal procedures are exhausted or the whistleblower feels inhibited in going through the normal channels. Read the Whistleblowing Policy

Annual reports and accounts

Please click here to view our annual reports and accounts